PIJF Cables (Underground/External)
Reference Standards - CW 1128, CW 1198, CW 1236, CW 1252, G/WIR, CUG / 01
Sizes Covered
0.4 mm Upto 2400 pair
0.5 mm Upto 1200 pair*
0.63 mm Upto 600 pair
0.9 mm Upto 300 pair
* Elkay have valid type approval for 800 pair cable from TEC as per G/WIR-CUG-01. However, Elkay Capacity to manufactured both armoured/unarmoured cable for sizes as mentioned above.
 Cable Construction
Conductor Solid Annealed Bare Copper
Insulation Solid Polyethylene, coloured as per specification
Units 10/20 Pairs shall be laid up to form a unit
Super Unit 5 units of 10p/20p laid up to form a super unit of 50p/l00p
Cable Core Laying 10p/20p units / 50p/100p super units laid up to form a Cable Core
Jelly Filling Jelly shall be filled in the interstices of cable core
Polyester Taping Polyester tape applied longitudinally/helically over the laid up core/cable
Screening PolyAl. tape applied longitudinally over polyester tape with overlap
Sheathing Polyethylene applied in the form of an extruded layer
Bedding Two PE tapes applied helically
Armouring Two galvanized steel tapes applied helically
Jacketing Polyethylene applied in the form of an extruded layer
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